Daniel Steadman

Brian was a great Agent to work with. Due to our financial situation (and my somewhat picky wife) it took us 15 total months (during which time, he helped my parents both sell and buy) to find our current home, and Brian was awesome. He never gave up on us and he helped us to not get discouraged. He was always willing to go out of his way to work around our busy schedules, whether that meant going out at 7 AM or 8 PM to look at homes. His real estate knowledge was impressive, from who the builders were of the areas, to architectural positives and negatives. He was always open about things with us so there were never any surprises for us that weren't a surprise to him first. We will be using Brian Summers again for our future real estate needs.

Gerardo Garcia

Brian helped us buy a house ! He was great working between my husband and I. My schedule can be very difficult but he made it happen. He pointed out things on houses that could have been a negative impact for us and he got us into our perfect home! He is more like a friend than a business partner. He is simply amazing! And above all, honest!


Brian is a superb Realtor. He helped us to sell our home. He did an excellent job at providing comparisons and pricing our home right where it needed to be. Our home sold within a short amount of time, for the price we were asking, at a time when homes in our neighborhood were not selling. He offered great ideas on staging our home and highlighting our home's best features. I plan on using Brian again.


Brian was wonderful in helping us sell our home. We had several showings in a short period of time and he always followed up with the buyer's agent and let us know what people were thinking. His communication with us was great and we were able to sell in a very short period of time. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will certainly use him again.

Michael Curtis

Brian did a fantastic job for us in selling our condo. We saw countless realtors when we bought it, and I can honestly say he's better then any of them. He was careful to understand what we needed and wanted, and was honest and direct about what was possible. He went out of his way time and again to make sure the process went as smoothly and as beneficial to us as possible. He is more interested in clients, than just houses, and he understands that real estate is more about the people in the homes than the properties themselves, an understanding that allows him to do the best work dealing with those properties. It's nice to know I'll never have to look for another realtor again!

Jamie Keifert

Did an awesome job for us, we had a lot of problems in our entire purchasing experience, it was very nice for Brian to have the patience and know how to work through all of them. I always felt that he genuinely wanted to get us the home that we'd be happiest in, i never felt like he was frustrated or annoyed by our random demands or our pickiness.. 10/10 would recommend to anybody, his flexibility seemed like it could accommodate anybody.

Jennifer Frandsen

I had a lot of questions through this process as it was our first home. I was always able to get in contact w/ Brian in a timely manner. He was always willing to answer my questions and/or get the information that I needed. This was a very positive experience, and I would use/ recommend Brian again.


Confident and knowledgeable. Took positive control over communications on both his end and the end distant end. Expertly guided us through the land buying process (our first time) and carefully curated the list of potential properties with our specifications/unique situation in mind. Could not recommend high enough and Tyler will be our first contact for support as we start the building process. 10/10.